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This online shop is a growing selection of prints of my illustrations and collages.  I love living in Leith and am inspired by my surroundings, the people and the community in which I live.

About me

I’m an artist, educator and creative producer based in Leith, the port neighbourhood of Edinburgh, Scotland. I have over twenty years experience of creating participatory arts and heritage projects. I work with cultural organisations, educational organisations and festivals. I work on projects locally, nationally and internationally.


Sustainability is important to me, so I’ve worked with Leith based printers Bare Branding. Based just a couple of streets away from my studio, I can support my local economy whilst keeping my carbon footprint as low as possible. 


My illustrations and collages are inspired by the surroundings and people of where I live.  Leith is a small community on the edge of Edinburgh in Scotland and I am lucky to call it my home.  

Fit O’ The Walk

Linksview House

My exciting new venture

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Unable to work on large scale collaborative pieces during Covid-19, I’ve been working on some smaller-scale solo projects. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback about my work, I’ve decided to try selling my artwork. It really does feel like I am at the beginning of a new interesting venture.

I’ll be adding to the shop over the coming months so if you would like to be kept up to date, but not too often, then just enter your email.